The Kingdom of Telsii has known more prosperous ages, to be sure. In the hundred years since the Great Pillage by the Thousands and the subsequent creation of the Blighted Wastes to stem the tide of their advance, the certainty of Telsii’s eventual doom has only increased.

Materializing out of the Blood Mists in the southwest, the Murkei have reappeared for the first time in a millennium, taking advantage of the chaos caused by the Thousands to rape and pillage both Telsii’s coasts and deeper inland, exacting horrific revenge for their banishment so long ago.

In the Blighted Wastes to the northeast, strange horrors mass in ever increasing numbers along its borders, with tales of surrounding villages consumed by a terrible shadow or simply massacred outright becoming commonplace.

The Tainted Sea to the north brings forth gargantuan abominations from deep below its depths, poisoned and defiled, radiating evil, an unnatural hunger compelling them to feed. In their wake arrive the Toxic Marauders – fearsome pirates, themselves grotesquely mutated and contaminated by their time spent hiding within the blight.

In the forests and mountains to the northwest, the elves and dwarves experience a dangerous new age of prosperity, Telsii’s predicament necessitating dependence upon races eager for power and change after a millennium of marginalization and mistreatment by humankind.

And of course there remain the Thousands, having enjoyed a hundred years of destruction and siege; defiling every last relic, temple and city caught in the whirlwind of its overwhelming assault into the lands of the Telsii. Where they came from, how they can be defeated, and the condition of the world beyond the Molten Peaks all remain questions unanswered during this century of strife.

Shooting Missiles at the Darkness.