DM Only

Orc clan infighting
Leaderboards at Ikitha
Blood Cults
Relic Retrieval
Fighting a massive sea monster/discovering its source
Tracking down the Toxic Marauders
Journeying to Murkei’s island (ship acquired from Marauders or Merkei raids)
Defending/Aiding the Corpsehavens (granted a home there as a prior quest reward)

Necrotic Soul/Life force stealing appears to be a central theme.

Telsii administration in Harmonia: Desire to move forward, secretly negotiating with the elves and dwarves to allow the annihilation of Ikitha in return for the Writhing Sprawl and a pact of peace. Ikitha uses massive Telsii resources in its constant battle against the Thousands. Elves and Dwarves using combined tech (dark magic elves know combined with dwarven steampunk) could destroy the Thousands, ancient hatred for humanity keeps them waiting for their chance. Telsii historically unaware of the outside world due to the blood mists to the south west and marauding pirates to the northeast. Cultural taboos as well, perhaps influenced by the Guild of the Holy Arcane.

Guild of the Holy Arcane: Spiritual and Magical leaders of the Telsii people. Discouraged exploration. Derived their powers from a more subtle, controlled form of the necrotic magic the Murkei were exiled for. Have been collecting life force for a millenium, in an effort to halt the advance of the Thousands they used the souls collected to unleash a massive experimental barrier that also ripped apart the land, unleashed the souls and created the blight (so they say…) No living survivors but plenty of lichy goodness.

Thundersteam Clan: Combined the elves’ dark magic with their own steampunk technology to create weaponry fueled by souls. Powerful and dangerous stuff. Kept hidden from the Telsii. Mass producing them. Orcpie’s restaurant in fact not taken due to cannablism, instead used as a front to harvest dwarven souls to power the mass produciton of the weapons for when the Dwarves and Elves rise up in insurrection. Dwarf commoners unaware of nobility’s plans, instead enjoying a golden age with their normal weapons in high demand and plenty of orcs to kill.

Fanalrians: Ancient hardened forest dwellers currently occupying their time aiding Ikitha and the Telsii royalty to fight back the orc menace.

The Thousands: No central leader but plenty of bosslike baddies. Leaders of consumed former Telsii cities, clan leaders, captains of the front lines against Ikitha and the Corpsehavens.


- 1000 years ago: Faction of elves awake an ancient dead old one, gives them dark power in exchange for sacrifice and sould feeding. Elves demonstrate power to dwarves, who incorporate it into their designs. Humans witness dark powers, manage to negotiate with old one. Old one finds their short lives and great ambition make them better pawns than the elves. Elves realize the darkness they’ve brought, attempt to severe the old one’s connection. Simultaneously the Humans rise up against those corrupted and exile them. Turn their anger onto the elves and to a lesser extent, the dwarves. Dwarves hide the technology they’ve developed. Few remaining undiscovered corrupted elves/humans form secret pact, go into hiding.

- 100 years ago: Great Pillage caused by members of the Guild of the Holy Arcane – attempting to summon deep old one by using a battery of thousands of souls. Instead called down hordes of monsters from all the dark places. Masked this and instead destroyed battery to ‘save’ Telsii. The five main summoners are now lichs in the wastes. This also acted as a call to arms for the Murkei.

Current Factions:

Murkei: The true, most terrifying evil. Direct agents of the Old One.

Corrupted Elves: In league with Dwarven Nobility and Harmonia Nobles, conspiring to find a way for Ikitha to be destroyed, the Thousands defeated, and the Writhing Sprawl being awarded to the non human races.

Good Elves: Hardened and tough, helping humanity, pushing back evil, and attempting to root out the corrupted elves.

Dwarven Nobility: Working with Corrupted Elves and Harmonia Nobles, their tech would allow a shift in power but at a dark cost that would horrify the masses.

Dwarven Commoners: Enjoying a prosperous time, helping humanity, pushing back evil.

Harmonia Nobles: Conspiring against the king and the royal court, desire it’s destruction. Excellent administrators and leaders despite this.

Ithika Royalty: Thirst for glory, conquest. Unconcerned with administration, other races (aside from supplies/support).

Levels of artifacts:
1) Tied to ancient old ones.
2) Post great pillage artifacts.
3) Steampunk tech

DM Only

Shooting Missiles at the Darkness. DarthMeow