The Kingdom of Telsii

Over a thousand years in age, the Kingdom of Telsii was founded by the dozen or so tribes who survived the rise, defeat, and expulsion of the Murkei. The first act of the new kingdom was to shift the momentum of their rage towards the elves and dwarves attempting to settle and prosper outside the confines of their traditional mountain and forest homes.

After laying claim to most of the land south of the Molten Peaks, the Telsii experienced several centuries of growth and prosperity, fortune favoring them with a long succession of honest, strong, and just kings.

During the Great Pillage, most of the northern part of the kingdom was immediately consumed by the horde, the great fortress city of Ikitha being the only city in the north known to have survived annihilation. Currently it is surrounded by settlement communties known as Corpsehavens.

In the south the great city of Harmonia survives unscathed by the enemies and events of the last century and now acts as a rallying point for all those working to return justice and light to the lands, or simply lusting after glory and riches.

The Kingdom of Telsii

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